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About the Book

Whispers of the O’Fae

ofaecoverArt & Affirmations for the Wounded Inner Child

by jeanie mossa

This playful guide is for all those who have had bizarre childhoods, experienced trauma or abuse — either physical or emotional — and lived in fear of their parents, teachers or guardians. The side effects of living as a repressed child may result in becoming an adult who becomes an overachiever, workaholic, and worry-wart with the inability to relax and play without guilt.

Not intended as a substitute for professional therapy, this book is an eclectic approach to help free the trapped inner child who has been hiding inside many of us. With the help of whimsical spirit beings, the reader takes a magical journey into the Enchanted Forest O’Fae, a safe place to play, where no demons, monsters or negative actions are allowed.

copyright 2015 jeanie mossa Planet Calamari Publishing