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The O’Fae

3firstfaeI have always believed in Angels, Faeries and Spirit Beings even though i was raised in a very strict Italian Catholic family with the added bonus of 12 years of parochial school. I will be eternally grateful for Walt Disney and the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson, along with my Nonna Annie who also had a love of the wooie wooie!

These spirit doodles began to appear in my art journals during a time of emotional and physical upheaval. There are no accidents in the Universe. At first i thought they were just cute paintings. I then began to realize they were speaking to the trapped inner child within me. During that dark time i had an entire book filled with friendly spirits who i now refer to as the O’Fae along with a few demons of worry, anxiety and fear.

Originally i had planned to turn the O’Fae art into a children’s book. As childhood memories and nightmares began to surface, this book eventually morphed into a self help book for the lost inner child in all of us. There are approximately forty full color mixed media paintings in the Whispers of the O’Fae book.

May the O’Fae bring comfort and a sense of joy to you and your inner child!